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What is Facial "Yoga?"

Posted in Uncategorized on August 7th

We’ve all heard about the benefits of yoga for the body, but what about yoga for the face? Facial exercises have been around for decades, but only recently has the practice taken on a more relaxed, yet structured vibe. Proponents of “facial yoga” say that exercising and relaxing the facial muscles can prevent and even reduce symptoms of aging, such as sagging muscles and skin or wrinkling. But is there any merit to making faces for a more youthful look?

Anecdotal Evidence

Many people who practice facial yoga swear by it. Annalise Hagen, a yoga instructor who developed many of the facial yoga techniques, tells the Los Angeles Times the results are remarkable. “Friends would say, ‘Did you get work done?'” ABC’s report on the trend also quotes Hagen, who says: “If you just made weird squirmy faces randomly you’d get more wrinkles,” she said. “We’re trying to tone and lift the muscles of the face.”

Is Facial Yoga Harmful?

Opinions on facial yoga from physicians and other healthcare professionals vary quite a bit. Some say there’s no harm (and possibly no value) in it; others think it could be helpful; while a few think it could exacerbate wrinkling instead of preventing signs of aging. With the range of opinions, it can be difficult to know whose advice to follow.

Does Facial Yoga Work?

Since most evidence on both sides of the controversy is anecdotal, we still can’t be sure whether there’s any benefit to facial yoga. As Hagen points out, there’s a right and wrong way to do everything. If you’re interested in seeing if facial yoga could help you, make sure you do your research. You definitely don’t want to increase your chance of wrinkling.

While it’s currently unclear as to whether facial yoga can help stave off signs of aging, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart Bentkover offers a wide range of anti-aging treatments that have withstood the test of time. If natural remedies and exercises aren’t working, consider Botox, a facelift, or other facial rejuvenation procedure at Bentkover Facial Plastic Surgery.

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