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If you or your child’s ears stick out to far, there is a solution…

Some people are born with ears that seem to stick out too far. This condition is called Lop Ear Deformity and can be corrected with a procedure called an otoplasty.

Often referred to as “pinning the ears back”, this procedure is actually a reshaping of the ear with special instruments and permanent sutures. In Lop Ear Deformity part of the upper ear that looks like a “Y” (the antihelix) is too flat, and sometimes there is too much cartilage in the bowl-like part of the lower ear (the concha). Dr. Bentkover has been doing this operation quite successfully for over 25 years on children over 5, teenagers, and adults.

Reasons for Surgery

Children with Lop Ears are often the object of ridicule in school, but adults too often grow tired of their ears sticking out. When some insurance companies used to cover this procedure, most operations were done on children 5-10 years old. Now Dr. Bentkover finds himself doing an increasing number of these operations each year on teenagers and young adults who have put off the surgery due to the lack of insurance coverage.


What is otoplasty?

An operation that reshapes the ear and often places it closer to the scalp.

How long is the recovery?

Bandages come off in 2-4 days. Sutures are removed at about 7 days. You can be back to work in 10 days.

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