Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation


A Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation testimonial from one of Dr. Bentkover’s patients:

“When I first chose to have the Portrait Plasma procedure, I was mostly focused on diminishing fine lines and toning my skin. I knew I had age spots on my face, but I didn’t realize how much they affected my appearance. So, the biggest shock was to see my face with no age spots. It made such a difference, and I was thrilled to say the least. Over the past few months, I’ve started seeing the other benefits – smoother texture, even tone and firmer skin – that have been so noticeable that nearly all my friends have commented about my skin. Now I’m so used to my skin this way I’ve forgotten what it looked like before the procedure. I have to pull out my pre- and post-op photos to remind myself how much my skin has changed.

I love what Portrait has done for my skin and have recommended it to all my friends. I had pretty much given up on having the smooth and even skin I had in my 20s. It’s amazing to me to have some of that back in my late 40s. The other day, I had some professional photos taken for my job, and the photographer commented that I had beautiful skin. That made the whole Portrait process worth it.”  KL

PSR3 Plasma Before and After in MA


Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

  • Removes or improves fine wrinkles
  • Often gives a brighter, healthier appearance than many lasers
  • Removes layers of old skin and promotes growth of new, smoother, healthier skin
  • Removes brown spots and some benign skin lesions
  • Skin continues to tighten for up to 1 year after the procedure
  • Parts of your face or your entire face can be safely treated with just local or topical anesthesia.

Dr. Bentkover has been resurfacing skin with various modalities for over 30 years. Having started with dermabrasion in 1979, he presently offers two major ways to resurface your skin- Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation and Fractionated Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing.

In the opinion of many facial plastic surgeons, the “gold standard” for facial resurfacing is carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. Dr. Bentkover has been using the Coherent Ultra Pulse® Carbon Dioxide Laser for facial resurfacing since 1995.  He has uniformly very high patient satisfaction with this procedure for wrinkle removal and acne scars, with very predictable results.


Some people want a less invasive procedure.  The new fractionated carbon doxide lasers can also be less invasive, but the degree of imporvemnt expected by mose laser patients still requires a deeper, more invasive procedure.  Plasma may be an alternative for you.

Dr. Bentkover is one of the first surgeons in New England to offer this technology. This technology enables Dr. Bentkover to treat your wrinkles, acne scars and facial discoloration with a quick office treatment that usually requires only topical or local anesthesia.  We are very excited about this technique.

Dr. Bentkover brought Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation into the practice to provide an alternative to carbon dioxide laser resurfacing for patients with less severe wrinkles and scars and/or patients who want an office procedure with less significant down time and healing time.  While many patients will still benefit from laser resurfacing, many will be just as happy with Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation.  At your consultation, you and Dr. Bentkover will decide which technology is best for you. 

Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation is a new technology that utilizes a nitrogen plasma spray instead of a laser (Plasma is an electrified gas that is the fourth state of matter – solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.)   Some patients are treated in three to four short, low energy treatments; some patients are treated with one high energy treatment. The choice of type of treatment depends on the depth of your wrinkles or scars and how much down time is reasonable for you.

Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation does not remove skin. It works by heating the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis. This heat stimulates new collagen growth, which, over time, leads to tightening of the skin. Also, your skin peels on its own a few days after the treatment. You can continue to make new collagen for up to a year.

Unlike laser resurfacing, Portrait PSR3 Plasma Skin Rejuvenation requires no significant skin preparation and only topical or local anesthesia, sometimes combined with an oral medication.  You skin will be pink to slightly red after the procedure, peel in few days and be mostly free of discoloration in 10 days. Make-up easily covers any discoloration as it fades.  Also, there is much less risk of skin over lightening or darkening than with the laser.    In addition… after the treatment, skin tightening continues for up to a year.

Dr. Bentkover is the winner of the Energist Group Portrait PSR3 before and After content Click here to read more

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